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Opportunities in Korea – Strategic Sectors


  • Aircraft, Aircraft parts and components producers; MRO
  • Manufacturers of: Avionics; Flight Simulator; Aircraft engine; Landing gear; Head Up Display; Flight Control Computer; and Auxiliary Power Unit


  • Mobile applications and solutions developers for Android O/S
  • Digital games developers – mobile, social networks, online
  • IT solutions developers for shipbuilding & marine industries, ubiquitous automobiles

Energy & Green Technologies

  • Renewable energy (hydrogen,  fuel cells, tidal and ocean waves)
  • Energy storage devices – on-grid or decentralized power solutions; Smart-grid
  • Developers of Waste-to-Energy solutions; Nuclear
  • Environmental Technologies – waste water treatment & carbon capture usage-storage


  • Tactical communication systems; Fire control systems;  Radar manufacturers
  • Naval ship borne equipment manufacturers; Robots for military and security use
  • Unmanned combat systems; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Remote command & control system manufacturers; Software for fighter aircraft

Ocean technologies

  • Companies with expertise in LNG-fuelled engines for ships
  • Ship emission control technology producers; Marine sensor specialists


  • Auto parts suppliers with innovative weight reducing technologies/materials
  • Suppliers with gas emission control technology producers
  • Electric and hybrid vehicle solution providers

Medical – Life Science

  • Medical devices, pharmaceutical & biotech

Forest & Wood

  • Lumber producers; Green building producers and service providers

Agricultural & Food

  • Grains; Processed food; Animal products and by-products (e.g. beef, pork and tallow)
  • Alcoholic beverages (e.g. wine, ice-wine, spirits)


  • Exporters of Salmon, Lobster, Whelk, Clams, Snow crab, Eel, Albacore & Herring meat