Sonny Cho (조성용) – President & CEO

Sonny Cho is the President & CEO of Canada Korea Business Council. Sonny is responsible for establishing, developing, promoting and operating the CKBC. The CKBC is a bilateral business, trade and investment facilitator and catalyst for Canada and Korea.

Sonny is also Senior Fellow at the Global Public Affairs, and CEO of Sonny Cho International Inc.

Sonny served on many organizations including the Board of the Ontario Place Corporation, Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation and Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra. He is currently serving as the Advisor of York University Centre for Asian Research and Chair of the Public Diplomacy at the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council (Toronto).

Sonny is fluent in Korean and English and holds a Bachelor of Arts in commerce and economics from the University of Toronto.


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Kelly Lee – Executive Director

Kelly Lee is the Executive Director of Canada Korea Business Council. Kelly is responsible for planning, managing, promoting and operating the CKBC programs and events. The CKBC is a bilateral business, trade and investment facilitator and catalyst for Canada and Korea .

Kelly is a senior software developer by profession with an extensive interest, passion and experience in social, community, international and human rights issues.

Kelly has strong networks in Korea and Canada and excels at running events, advocacy campaigns and projects. She has organized numerous campaigns, fundraisers, concerts, seminars, and conferences.

Kelly has served or serves on many volunteer organizations including Senior Vice President of the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council of Republic of Korea, Volunteer Team Lead of the Toronto Municipal Councillor Campaign, Public Relations Council of Peace Treaty Now and Executive Member of the Korean Computer Science Association.

Kelly is a graduate of Sungshim College of Business Administration and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Jae Chong – Senior VP, Business Development

Jae Chong has over 30 years of international business experience. As a computer science graduate from the University of Toronto, he started his career as a software developer and developed the first Korean language word processor which made him known in the industry as the father of Korean Word Processor. He has successfully founded and operated several IT companies providing consulting services to a wide variety of industry clients. Jae possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, strong organization skills and international business management experience to excel in new growth opportunities. He has a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of today’s complex IT technology and a wide range of contacts worldwide. His extensive community involvements include the chair of the Korean Canadian Cultural Association, chair of the Foundation for support of Korean Studies at the University of Toronto, chair of the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation, and President of the Canadian Multicultural Council.


Ahrum Lee – Vice President, Public Relations

Sang Kim – Vice President, International Business Development

Monica B. Lee – Vice President, Public Relations

Minho Lee- Vice President, Marketing

Yoonie Kim – Treasurer