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About CKBC

The Canada Korea Business Council (CKBC) is Canada’s business, export trade and investment attraction facilitator, catalyst and advocate on Korea. It is a private, non-profit, business association funded by membership fees, sponsorships and consulting fees.  The CKBC provides its members and  clients with the strategic insight, network access and influence required to:

  • Successfully initiate business development in Korea;
  • Secure Korean investments in Canada;
  • Support the further development of existing Canadian operations in Korea;
  • Promote joint projects on innovation and R&D initiatives; and
  • Advocate Canadian business interests in Korea

The focus is on practical services.

The CKBC members includes some of the best-known Canadian firms, as well as small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms and business/trade organizations.  CKBC members represent a wide range of industrial sectors, including financial & professional services, aerospace, automotive, mining, oil and gas, forestry, defence, clean technologies, ICT, agriculture, seafood, processed food, media production, ocean technology, life science and education.

The CKBC partners with various industry organizations to maximize synergy, minimize duplication and coordinate concerted actions to deliver the results. The CKBC fills the gap in the actions required to boost “Made-in Canada” brand ranking and assist Canadian companies to prosper in the Korean market.

The CKBC leads the “economic diplomacy” by coordinating concerted high-level trade missions with federal and provincial political leaders, corporate executives and leaders in international trade and investments. The CKBC also builds stronger trust and friendship between Canada’s and Korea’s business and political leaders through food, sports, arts, music and culture.

The CKBC’s operation is funded by membership fees, corporate sponsorships and consulting fees. We are always lookig for your support and contribution.